Why Painting Rocks is Cool

Rock painting is cool in so many ways. If you’ve never done it, or maybe you did, (a LONG time ago,) I’d say now’s a good time to give it a try. I’ll tell you why.


Rocks are EVERYWHERE! You don’t need to spend any money on them what so ever! Cool!

They come in any shape and size.


They look fantastic after a nice warm soapy bath, and who doesn’t love a nice warm bubble bath?

So that’s cool.

You don’t have to worry about being “an artist or creative.” Cool.

Paints and brushes can be found at any dollar or craft store for very little money.


You can pretty much paint where ever there is an open space, and a place to get water. You could even bring your own water.

(I have painted in the woods, on the side of a long lazy stretch of highway, my back deck, dinning room, and that was cool!)

As long as you have a place to set up your paints, water and rocks, you can paint rocks. Cool!

It’s not rocket science, which is also cool!

The best part about painting rocks is loosing yourself in the art. Your worries melt away. When I paint, they no longer stand a chance when I’m mixing, swirling or detailing. Nope! And that’s very cool!

Now. The VERY best part of my Whispering Stones Artwork is how it effects and makes people feel.

When I talk about my painted rocks, I watch people’s eyes. It’s cool because I can see them light up. Their eyebrows lift and a thoughtful smile and nod follows.

Art is about creating, expressing, healing, connecting with others and stirring up emotions. I discovered I can do that! And man! THAT’S Cool!

So, if you’ve never tried painting rocks, or you did, when you were a kid, I’d say, give it a try today.

You can leave your worries behind and just reconnect with your inner child, have fun and get grounded, all with the help of a little rock. And that’s pretty cool.

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