Saying NO! to “The Crud of Life!”

A good friend of mine is on my mind. She’s the same friend who took a wicked wipe-out in the bathroom and broke her hip. Man! My heart went out to her, so like a good friend would, I went over and brought her some ready made meals and a yummy collection of “Feel Good- Get Better Soon” goodies.

That’s what friends do, ya know?

Well, she’s still on the mend-clearly!

I’ve been busy on my side of the fence with painting class preparations, yard developments, and just other life surprises that need attention.

My friend, sadly had to watch her birthday come and go alone. ALONE!

Broken on a couch in a basement suit-alone…

That sucks…

Knowing someone could use a pick me up is like someone throwing you a ball.

You have to do “something” with that ball!

And you know I will! That’s what friends do. They step up and keep that ball moving in a positive direction.

My birthday is just around the corner. Honestly, with all the “goodies” that God and the Universe and a few unfavorable beings have thrown at me and my hubby??? I felt like saying, “screw it! I’m not doing ANYTHING for my birthday!”

Well shite! That sucks! It sucks a lot!

I’m basically punishing myself for all the crud that’s clogged up my “fun time!”

I’m stomping the dusty ground and taking a stand! Why should my good friend and I sit on a couch and be grumpy when we can make a choice and put the “Crud of Life” on the back-BACK burner for just one day?

The ball is in my hands and you better believe I’m going to kick it out of the park!

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