Whispering Stones by Theresa Moleski


Whispering Stones are beautiful hand painted stones that have inspirational messages written on the back. Each stone is one of a kind in beauty and energy.

How it works: Upon placing your order the artist will contact you using the email or phone number you provide at checkout. You will have the option of choosing (3) colours for your Whispering Stone. Your Whispering Stone message will be manifested through your conversation with Theresa.

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WHISPERING STONES carry encouragement and reminders of just how strong and capable you really are. Not only are they beautiful and feel nice in your hand, they offer inner strength.

When you feel the message speak to you, you’ll know that stone is meant for you or someone you know. When your Whispering Stone no longer speaks to you, that’ll be the time to renew its energy and give it to someone who needs it.

Where do we deliver to?

Many of my Whispering Stones have been purchased and then either packed up and taken to various countries around the world or taken back to wherever the customer’s homeland is.

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