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Hey fellow art lovers. Thought I’d jump in here and give a brief overview of what’s been keeping me and my Whispering Stones Artwork new, interesting and evolving. Of course COVID had us all wondering, “How is this virus going to effect me?” I bounced that question around a lot! I honestly felt I was an active (not by choice) participant in a wicked game of invisible dodgeball. The “ball” to avoid getting hit by was of course the COVID-19 virus! We were all inundated with the growing numbers of lost lives due to COVID-19 or pre-existing health complications that worsened due to the pandemic. Sadly, a lot of people died, and of course a lot of people lived, but often with an altered life changing health concerns. For example, I personally have the need to clear my throat dozens of times a day and take random naps in the middle of the afternoon. I refuse to believe it’s because “I’m getting older.” But hey, aren’t we all?
So, let’s get back to what I did with my my “COVID Time.”
We all had two years of lockdown and our bubbles of people we selected to be within our core family. During that strange and uncertain time and even years before, I wondered just how far I could take my Whispering Stones Artwork?

Like you, I go shopping. The difference may be, I wonder how I can get my artwork on the products that I see and love. Strolling through big box stores such as Walmart, Jysk, Petsmart, Target, Barns & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, and a lot more! I imagine…

The little girl in me is bursting with curiosity and desire to know just how DOES a person go about getting their artwork on puppy bandanas, or baby jumpers, or placemats. The possibilities are staggering!
Everywhere you/ I go, we see products with some sort of artwork on it, or on the packaging itself. Just look at tissue boxes! That’s someone’s artwork, and honestly, I want a piece of that opportunity!
I’m an artist, so why not- right?
So, I started asking questions to people and the Universe at large. (Between you and me? I honestly feel I get more feedback from thee Universe than people-lol!) I’m open to suggestions, so maybe that’s why the answers tend to show up like whispers in the wind.

Just before COVID-19 became a household word, I stumbled across the term, “Product Developer. “Hmmmmmm”, said I. Tell me more! “Go to Youtube and explorrrrrre,” this little whisper said. So I did! From there my mind was opened, teased, delighted and my wants were piling up higher than I knew how to appease them.

From YouTube, I learned that I have this amazing gift called creativity and “Intellectual Property.” So anything I draw, paint, write or create in the arts by my own brainpower is considered copyright. I own it! So, if I own it and, I could try and licence it to a company who just might see the value of the main benefit it could offer a mass amount of customers. There’s a lot of money to be made in licensing an idea- if you happen to have a great idea!

Well holy smokes Batman! I do have ideas that could be developed and made real! The problem was, I had no idea on which steps to take. All I’ve been told is, “Geeze Treas. Too bad that idea won’t see the light of day because you can’t afford to get a patent on it. So just forget about it!” That was my brother Bill, who by the way, took away this really cool and powerful magnet I found. I was ten years old. I was super jazzed because I’d come up with a fun-tastic idea/ game to make, but my lousy big brother grabbed that magnet from my hand and hucked it across a wide open field. You guessed it. My dreams of being a game inventor disappeared into the dry long wind swaying grasses. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who would be rich enough to afford getting a patent- (whatever that scary word meant!) for many decades.

Well that’s all changed my friend! Since I had nowhere to go during COVID, and a ton of time I dove into an exciting new goal called, Product Developer! Yup, yours truly is taking an online seven month course learning how to licence my cool ideas and artwork.

Hey! If you happen to have a great product idea that has an awesome benefit and is unique AND you’re wondering like I did, how to make this idea of yours come to life, check out a company called InventRight. Tell Stephen Key or Andrew Krauss that I sent you! I don’t know how or who’s going to licence my ideas-YET but, I finally know the steps to take.

I’m truly excited and curious to see just how far my Whispering Stones Artwork will go.

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