I’ll BEEEEE There

Hey everyone! Just wanted you to know of a really cool event coming up this weekend. I’ll be there with my #whisperingstones Hope you’ll beeeeeee there! http://www.honeybeecentre.com/honeybee-festival#.WwwuQRZlCaM

Hurray! Finally our ugly, broken down hot tub (that’s hybernated underneath an orange tarp for well over a decade!) has been disassembled and cleared out of our backyard. It has opened up a huge new space that looks out into … Read More

Saying NO! to “The Crud of Life!”

A good friend of mine is on my mind. She’s the same friend who took a wicked wipe-out in the bathroom and broke her hip. Man! My heart went out to her, so like a good friend would, I went … Read More

Lost but Not Forgotten

I have a Whispered Story I’d like to share with you. A Whispered Story comes from someone who stops by my table while I’m at an event selling my #whisperingstones I was at a school event in the country side … Read More

Why Painting Rocks is Cool

Rock painting is cool in so many ways. If you’ve never done it, or maybe you did, (a LONG time ago,) I’d say now’s a good time to give it a try. I’ll tell you why. ? Rocks are EVERYWHERE! … Read More